Do Bots, Trolls and Fakes influence our political opinion? Panel-Discussion with Lena Frischlich

The Landeszentrale für politische Bildung in cooperation with Transparency International held a Panel-Discussion on Monday evening, November 27, 2017 on the topic of „opinions. media. manipulation.“ as part of the „Anti-Corruption-Day“.

In a time where social bots and „fake news“ and their influence on political elections are frequently discussed, this evening focused on the question: Is this a new and dangerous dimension of power corruptibility and manipulation?

Dr. Lena Frischlich was invited as an expert on the ecosystem of alternative media.

Other experts included Lisa-Maria Neudert (Oxford Internet Institute), Dr. Thomas Köcher (Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung Bremen) and Dr. Frank Schulte (Editor„buten und binnen“ Radio Bremen). These presented their research on the potential of manipulation through the internet, the relevance of fake news for opinion-forming and potential counter-strategies.

Here you can find the press release of Transparency International.