Manipulation on the Internet: (Media) education between fake accounts, social bots and propaganda.

The “media competency framework Nordrhine-Westphalia” is an instrument to foster media competency in manifold formal and non-formal educational contexts. It serves as reference frame for the implementation of firm requirements in future curricula. In addition, the media competency framework NRW can trigger important processes of school- and lesson development as he allows for the implementation and improvement of internal media concepts (see for a German description).

On march, 2nd 2018, Dr. Lena Frischlich and Dr. Christian Grimme hosted two workshops on “manipulation in the Internet: (Media)education between fake accounts, social bots and propaganda” at the huge mediapassport conference in Essen, Germany. There they presented relevant insights from the work of DemoRESILdigital and the PropStop project for educational practitioners. The German handout for the workshop can be downloaded here.



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