Foundation of the Competence Center “Social Media Analytics”

The ninth ERCIS annual workshop was held in Luleå, Sweden, from August 22 to August 24, 2018, and included many presentations from various international members of the ERCIS network on their projects during the last year.

Among other things, the sixth ERCIS Competence Center “Social Media Analytics” was founded during the meeting on 08/24/18. In the future, Heike Trautmann and Christian Grimme are responsible for the identification and analysis of misinformation, propaganda and the manipulation of online media.

The proliferation of Social Media and News Websites has increased the possibility of misinformation being disseminated by trolls or social bots read by many people.

The Competence Center “Social Media Analytics” strives to conduct interdisciplinary research on this current topic and to develop new scientific approaches. The focus is on the identification of propaganda in online media, the development of advanced techniques for the detection of manipulation attempts and misinformation and the development of proposals for how to ensure transparency in social media.

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