Panel discussion on „Fake News, Trolls and Social Bots“

Image-source: Stiftung Ettersberg

On 27 April, the Stiftung Ettersberg (research on European Dictatorships) hosts a forum on „Fake-News, Trolls, Social Bots – Dangers to Democracy?“. Against the backdrop of the upcoming German federal elections, the focus will be on questions of how users can engage critically with internet content or the potential for Social Bots, trolls or disinformation campaigns to influence political opinion.

Besides Prof. Dr. Thorsten Quandt (Project PropStop), the panel also includes the Thuringian minister for culture, Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff (the Left-party), Elmar Theveßen from ZDF and Caroline Mohr from Spiegel Online. The moderator will be Andreas Postel, head of ZDF Thuringia.

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