PropStop team at the ICA 2017

Source: ICA

Researchers from the PropStop project presented various research projects at the 66th yearly conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in San Diego, U.S., from May 25 to May 29. This year’s conference was entitled “Interventions: Communication Research and Practice” and addressed the reactions to social, political or cultural events not accepted as ‘status quo’. The complete program is available here.

The German Communication Association (DGPuK) presented various German research projects at its own panel under the title “Illuminating the Abyss of Social Media: Perception, Effects, and Countering of Hate Speech and Extremist Propaganda in the Digital Age”. Picking up on the rise and prominence of extremist messages online, special focus laid on possible response strategies and counter methods, which remain under-researched in Germany.
In “The Wall Against the Dark? How Journalists and Community Managers Identify and Interpret Hidden Online Propaganda”, Prof. Dr. Quandt, Svenja Boberg and Lena Frischlich, PhD, also presented findings from guided interviews with journalists and community managers who were questioned about how they identify, view and counteract propaganda online.
Additionally, Dr. Frischlich also described two experiments on propaganda effects and possible counter narratives in “A Story for and Not Against: Effects and Limitations of Narrativity in Propaganda Videos and Counternarratives”.

Extremist propaganda was further addressed in two other presentations, also with the participation of Lena Frischlich, PhD: “I Will Not Hate: Individual Response Moderates the Effects of Hate Speech on Prejudice” highlighted the individual psychological responses whereas “The dark side of narrative persuasion: Why propaganda works and what counter-narratives have to learn” (presented at a pre-conference on narrative persuasion) detailed possibilities for counter-narratives.

An overview of all researchers’ publications is available here.