Prof. Dr. Quandt keynote speaker at LfM media convention


Prof. Dr. Quandt (PropStop project) spoke at this year’s media convention of the Landesanstalt für Medien North-Rhine Westfalia (the state’s regulatory body), which took place on 19 June in Cologne. The convention’s topic was “Fast News – Fake News: no time for truth?” and focussed on the public debate on fake news as they are disseminated via social networking sites. It examined the conditions enabling these articles and also addressed possible actions for journalists and users.

Besides Prof. Dr. Quandt, other speakers at the convention were journalists from n-tv and Correctiv, members of the LfM media commission, and Andreas Salz of the German UNESCO Commission. Quandt gave the keynote speech and then took part in a discussion panel, also answering questions from the audience.

The full program is available on the LfM’s homepage.