Long Night of Science: Prof. Dr. Quandt at panel discussion hosted by the Charité

Source: langenachtderwissenschaften.de (©Daimler und Benz Stiftung/Oestergaard)

“The fear of surveillance and its consequences for society” – this was the motto of a panel discussion at which PropStop researcher Prof. Dr. Quandt debated extensively with other reputable experts on the potential effects of surveillance measures on the individual’s psyche as well as on the society as a whole. The discussion, which took place on 24 June during the Long Night of Science at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, lasted for as much as seven hours. At every full hour, it was interrupted by a short talk from one of the panelists.

The event was organized by Dr. Jan Kalbitzer who works at the Charité’s Department of Psychiatry. Other experts – apart from Quandt and Kalbitzer who himself participated in the panel discussion – were Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Grantyn (Department of Neurology, Charité Berlin), Angela Gruber (Spiegel Online/Netzwelt), Dr. Tobias Matzner (philosophy of technology, University of Tübingen), Dr. Constanze Kurz und Frank Rieger (both Chaos Computer Club).