Bots and elections? Dr. Grimme interviewed in Helmholtz Perspektiven

Source: Helmholtz Perspektiven

“Can social bots influence the upcoming parliamentary elections?” Helmholtz Perspektiven addressed this question in their newest issue and spoke to PropStop project lead Dr. Christian Grimme.

The article references the PropStop project and Dr. Grimme details his idea that, seeing as how bots are electronically distributed, they should also be electronically identifiable.
He mentions journalists as particular targets for covert propaganda campaigns, as they both research and communicate actively in social networks and could therefore act as “distributors” for propaganda messaging. Dr. Grimme hopes that the topic of social bots will continue to be discussed even after upcoming elections are over, and that the users of social media will be wary of these dangers in the future, too.

The full german article is available here.